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May 2006
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laura_kinney [userpic]

Dear Mother
So Kiden believes I need to vent my feelings in a more healthy manner. I'm gonna try.......
Wait did I tell you about Kiden? She's a mutant, and my friend. She's strong. She cares. And she thinks I should try writing to you instead of cutting. She also suggested that I try helping people. Pay back society for my crimes.
So I'm trying.
Today I save a boy from being knocked over. Although he screamed when he saw what the car did to me instead of him.
I got a cat out of the tree for an elderly women.
I carried an old mans shopping home for him.
And I gave some money to charity.
But I don't feel like I helped.
I feel.... the same.
X23, Laura.

Current Location: New York City
Current Mood: creativecreative
Current Music: Four Star Mary - Liar